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Just a public announcement

I just wanted to say. I'm WATCHING you. I have your IP address logged and I know who you are. MMM It's a baby. I'm gonna eat you. GET IN MY BELLEH.

(Normal members of this comm need pay no attention to this post, I am just being stupid for stupid's sake.)
Nicky Broken Men // me

Regarding Membership Approvals

If your journal is a "community reader" and therefore has no entries and looks vaguely suspicious, you are probably not going to get approved. I do this because I don't really want drama-socks joining, and I don't want people socking just to read crap about themselves. If you legitimately just have a journal that reads communities or you don't want your main account known, please drop me a PM via Livejournal to explain the situation.

Otherwise, I will not approve you.

Note: I don't approve for other reasons as well.
Nicky Broken Men // me

Fwequently Asked Qwestions

1.) Can I post adultish images or screencaps?
Sure, but stick them behind a LJ-cut and tag the entry as NSFW, so that people browsing from work can click on it if they want.

2.) What about large/multiple images?
Same deal, stick behind a cut.

3.) Can I post to a link that was posted in the community?
This is a moral gray area, and while I can't stop people from doing it, I'd like to see some maturity here. Unfortunately, no one online has that. If you're gonna do it, at least don't link back here. Do not post "Neener, neener, you've been Wowsnarked."

4.) Someone snarked me! Help!?
Well, I can't really help you there unless it's a personal journal snark. If someone is legitimately breaking the rules, contact the mod.
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